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A Spiritual Calm
“A Spiritual Calm" is inspired by my numerous trips to India; one of the most crowded, grungiest and noisiest parts of the world. So un-calm is this country of 1.2 billion people, you can barely hear your own thoughts. It is a country bursting at the seams; where there is physically no room for even one more person, yet every time I visit, she welcomes me into her warm embrace like I am her long lost child.
While my senses are assailed by her colours, smells and cacophony, my heart is soothed by her spiritual calm.
October to December 2012
Mangia & Bevi - 260 King St. E

Encaustic on Board

Mangia & Bevi is a resto-bar located at 260 King Street East.
For more info: 416-203-1635
For more information on this event, please contact Susan at: 416-723-4231

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