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November 2nd - December 31, 2012

"Painting, for me, is that visceral world where I know my very soul is giving expression. It is so powerful it overwhelms me with gratitude, with humility and with peace. I am intrigued by the daily routines of people, and in discovering the simple things in life that unite us to each other, nature and Spirit. I hope it touches you and perhaps opens your heart to all the possibilities you have yet to explore."

"The colour and beauty brought by the astonishing number of wild species moving with caution, precision and stealth amongst us, is for me, truly a gift."

Martha works as a visual artist and teacher producing drawings, painting, sculptures and installations, and designing sets and costumes.

Join us for
Dinner Theatre and Meet the Artists
Friday December 7th
$70 per person
Proceeds of ticket sales will be donated to Autism Ontario
Contact Susan at - 416.723.4231

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