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Susie Colomvakos
“Shadow Dive" - Acrylic on Vellum - 26.5" x 21.5"
Susie Colomvakos studied painting at the Toronto School of Art and the Avenue Road Art School. She prefers to paint in oil and acrylic, and also enjoys experimenting with encaustic painting. Her entrée into painting began in 2004 while dealing with cancer treatments. Susie thought it would be a good way to help her stay relaxed, focused and to discover her creativity. Now, Susie considers painting and art as a fundamental part of her being.
“Painting for me is that visceral world where I know my very soul is giving expression. It is so powerful it overwhelms me with gratitude, with humility and with peace. Born and raised in Toronto, my daily life experiences, Greek heritage and personal travels influence and inform what is captured through my painting process. I am intrigued by the daily routines of people and in discovering the simple things in life that unite us to each other, nature and Spirit. I paint full-time in my home studio. I currently prefer to work in acrylic or oil and I continue to challenge myself by experimenting with new techniques, mediums and subject matter. My work is a very personal expression of possibilities and self discoveries. I hope it touches you and perhaps opens your heart to all the possibilities you have yet to explore.”
“Picnic Sundays" - Mixed Media on Canvas - 24" x 24"

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