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Andrew Neil Olscher
Andrew Olscher
"Yellow Wheats & A Stormy Summer Sky" - Acrylic - 37" x 47"
British-born, Canadian, Andrew Neil Olscher has been a professional fine artist and commercial artist for 30 years and a musician for over 50 years. His bold, thickly textured, acrylic paintings have been purchased and shown by private and corporate collectors and galleries locally and internationally. Additionally, his stock photography, digital and fine artwork have been featured on magazine covers, as illustrative materials for periodical content and for many other commercial applications.
An alumnus of Queen’s University, where he studied composition with noted Canadian composer, Clifford Crawley, he was a scholarship winner to the Banff School of Fine Arts under the tutelage of members of the Canadian Brass. “My musical background is so important to how I paint, as I see so many similarities to musical composition and performance. The trumpets are perhaps the light colours, the piccolos the flecks of gold accent and the swirling backgrounds the rhythm. There must be some ‘visual music’ for the painting to work,” Andrew says.
Andrew has participated in a variety of shows with such noted artists as Norval Morrisseau, Ken Danby, Fred Hagan, Brent Townsend, Berge Missakian, Tim Packer, Michael Dumas, Toni Onley and Canadian Art Partners. Shown in more than one public library, Queen’s University also holds a sizable collection of Andrew’s work which is featured in various locations, including The Faculties of Law, Education, Arts and Science, School of Business, Department of Advancement, School of Music and The University Club.
Andrew Olscher
"Hollyhocks" - Acrylic - 72" x 48"

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