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Sue Miller
"Havana in Transition" - Oil - 32" x 20"
Sue Miller studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design with a focus on communication and design. Successfully self-employed as a freelance graphic designer for many years, Sue also enjoyed accepting painting and drawing commissions.
As an avid explorer, she enjoys discovering subjects to paint. Her travels have led all over the globe including Peru, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Europe (Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, France, Luxembourg, England) as well as much of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.
Sue feels privileged to combine two of her passions – art and travel. She feels that her work has helped her to indulge in a deeper mindfulness while visiting new locations around the world. “This has allowed me to better absorb and appreciate the full experience of what I have seen, heard, and felt—to more fully perceive and understand each unique and inspiring place.”
She mainly works in oil, referencing photographic source material while using the traditional skills of the representational artist. Urban landscapes most often draw her attention; re-creating elements of light, colour and form while bringing to life the extraordinary character, culture and charm of a location.

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