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Johanna Meharg
"Windblown II" - Acrylic - 36" x 48"
Born in Quebec, Johanna Meharg moved to Southern Ontario at a young age. This was preceded by a two year stay in Czechoslovakia – her family’s roots. They worked the land both here and abroad, and her strong work ethic was established.
Johanna’s passion for landscape continues to be the foundation of her work. She is primarily a studio artist using water media on paper and canvas. Her work is impressionistic and often abstract.
Since 1965 she has been a regular traveler to Europe, in particular Italy; as well as more exotic locales such as Machu Pichu, Peru, Luxor, Egypt and Australia. Her travels are her source of inspiration.
Johanna is a supporter of cultural initiatives in Ontario and an art advocate for many associations and organizations.
“My objective is to create paintings that viewers respond to intellectually and emotionally. By not limiting myself to one style, I am able to interpret what I see by using colour, texture and form in a variety of ways.”
"Red Heads I" - 30" x 36" - Acrylic

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