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Bess Tsourounis
Bess Tsourounis
"Flamingos on the Run" - Acrylic
Born and raised in Toronto, Bess became interested in art from a very young age. Her passion for art was put on hold while earning a degree in Marketing Management at Ryerson University and pursuing a career in Information Technology.
While seeking a hobby that would provide a sense of peace and tranquility, Bess rediscovered her artistic side. Inspired to create through a wonderful group of students at the Avenue Road Art School, Bess seeks out interesting subject matter by exploring her surroundings and translating them onto canvas.
Bess focuses on large sized canvases. Her bold contrasts and colours capture beautiful snapshots of objects. “I hope my work will evoke a joyful response to all viewers and convey my general sense of optimism for life.”
Bess Tsourounis
"Sally" - Acrylic on Canvas - 24" x 36"

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