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Mazarine Memon
Mazarine Memon
“Flight" - Mixed Media - 22" x 28"
Mazarine’s works have been described as ‘Mysteries in Colour’. She in an award winning, established artist and art instructor. Her works have been shown in several solo and group shows in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and have found pride of place in many a collection worldwide.
A natural artist, Mazarine took up art as her major in the 10th grade just to make school life easier and right away won a state award. What got her truly hooked to Art was her school trip to Bombay's famous Jehangir Art Gallery. Having discovered the gallery, she would often walk there during her lunch break to admire the works of Indian masters and other upcoming artists.
This inspired her to pursue Applied Art at Bombay's Sophia College where for five years she trained to be a Commercial Artist. A free spirit at heart, she did not enjoy her career as an advertising art director. Since quitting the ad industry, she wandered in and out of jobs like animation, window displays, even corporate headhunting and marketing before re-discovering her inner artist.
Mazarine is skilled in a variety of mediums oils, charcoal, pencil, pastels, water colours or a fusion of mediums, but her favourite medium is acrylics & inks on canvas. A realistic abstract  artist,  her  unique  style of  work  is described as “mysteries in colour” because one needs to work through the clues before the painting reveals its subject.
Mazarine Memon
From the Gharra Series - Ink and Acrylic - Various Sizes

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